Fruit Jerky / Fruit Leather

I experimented with:
* Honeyberry & blueberry (2/3 c sugar to 1 c berries but could sweeten with much less).
* Honeyberry & strawberry (unsweetened – tart like rhubarb).
* Blueberry (sweetened).
* Honeyberry & honey (1/4 c honey to 1 c berries).

Personal favorites: Sweetened honeyberry & blueberry – this combination maintained a hint of blueberry but with a lively tang to it. The honeyberry and honey was delicious as well.

Pictured are two fruit roll-ups, one with cream cheese and the other plain. I prefer the plain but I can see how there is room for creativity such as with the cream cheese.

Instructions: 7 hours at 130F. Lightly coat trays with coconut oil to prevent sticking.

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