Who We Are

Haskap Alberta Association was formed in 2018 to enhance the long term viability of the Haskap Industry in Alberta. Alberta has a young Haskap industry that is continually growing each year. It is a very exciting time to collaborate and strengthen our industry together.



Providing support and resources to growers that will enhance the long-term viability of the haskap industry in Alberta.


Haskap Alberta is a member driven organization creating the foundation and voice for all Alberta haskap farmers to grow from and with. We provide members with up to date, innovative information, connecting each member into a supportive whole. We will promote to and educate the public on the power of Alberta haskap fruit, both locally and around the world.

Berry honeysuckle blue ripe in the hand of a man in the bright rays of the sun. The concept is useful bio vitamins on the eco-farm grown in the village.

We are Growing Be a Part of Haskap Alberta Association